ArcheAge Beta (Europe and America)

By: Abyzz

ArcheAge is already released in Korea and Japan. Russian version is in public beta now. But what about US and European version? How do you get European and American Beta access? This article will help you to find everything out.


Right now European version of ArcheAge is in Alpha stage. The Alpha testing is not public meaning only certain people may participate in the testing process. In order to get Alpha and Beta access you need to visit, create an account there if you don’t have one and purchase one of 3 Founder’s Packs. Right now there are 3 packs available: Archeum, Gold and Silver. The comparison table is shown below.

Archeum Pack Gold Pack Silver Pack
Alpha Access YES - -
Beta Access YES YES YES
4 Day Pre-Launch Head Start YES YES YES
Exclusive Title "Trailblazer" (+3 to all stats) "Traveler" (+2 to all stats) "Founder" (+1 to all stats)
Glider Exclusive Glass Phoenix Glider Glass Phoenix Glider Exclusive Glass Phoenix Glider Glass Phoenix Glider Experimental Glider Glass Phoenix Glider
Costume Exclusive Desert Assassin Plate Costume Desert Assassin Plate Costume Exclusive Desert Assassin Plate Costume
Desert Assassin Plate Costume
Cloak Exclusive Founder’s Cloak (+3 to all stats and customizable)
Founder’s Cloak
- -
Reagents Reagents to put your own crest in-game - -
Daru Chests 6 Daru Chests with a chance to get a mount! - -
Pet Healing Potions 10 Pet Healing Potions - -
Evenstones 10 Evenstones 10 Evenstones -
Hereafter Stones 10 Hereafter Stones 10 Hereafter Stones -
In-game Credits 11,250
($75 value)
($50 value)
($20 value)
Patron Status 90 Days
($45 value)
60 Days
($30 value)
30 Days
($15 value)
Cost $149.99 $99.99 $49.99

As you see the core difference between these packs is that the most expensive one offers you Alpha access and the most powerful title that gives you stat boost. There are debates about if the Archeum pack is worth its value, but anyway it’s the only way to get into Alpha now.

When you purchase Archeum Pack you get instant access to the downloading link. Other packs will require waiting for the beginning of Beta testing as the game is in Alpha period right now.

Difference between Alpha and Beta

Alpha access will allow you to play the game almost anytime you wish until the game goes live because alpha servers are live 24/7. Beta access gives you opportunity to participate in certain Beta events which are usually held on weekends. As you see there is a big difference. Beta access will not allow you to play ArcheAge when you wish.

Alpha and Beta servers are separated. So the progress you make in Alpha will not carry over into beta. Alpha and Beta servers are working independently.

Is Alpha access guaranteed?

Only Archeum Founders Pack gives you Alpha access, but the access is not 100% guaranteed. You will receive access if there is a space for your account on the server. Trion Worlds are making all their best to provide all consumers with Alpha access but you should know that there is a small probability that you will not get access. So if you want to get full benefits from Archeum Founders Pack don’t wait too long. Latest news told that Alpha is very popular and Trion had to increase server power to handle all the requests.

We've already had to expand the capacity of the server to three times the number of characters that one world is expected to have.

About Beta Access

All owners of any Founder’s Pack will get the Beta access when the Beta is live. The access is 100% guaranteed.

When will the Beta start?

They say the Beta events will begin in the end of June or in the beginning of July 2014. If you have signed up you will get an invitation. There will be a series of Beta events and invitations will be sent out before each event.

First Beta events will be in English language only. Trion says that they are going to add German and French later on.


There will be 2 servers for US and European Beta testing: one in North America and the other in Europe. There are no restrictions and a player may connect one of these two servers from any part of the world.

Alpha servers are always available when there is no Beta events or server maintenance. Maintenance usually doesn’t take long: about 2 – hours, but sometimes may be longer depending on the tasks.

Will Level Progress Carry Over?

All the progress will be destroyed when the game goes live. Alpha progress will not be carried over to the live game and Beta progress will be wiped before the launch. Testing servers were set up not for progressing in the game but for helping to make ArcheAge better. Anyway you will get a lot of useful information and knowledge during Beta and this will help you to start playing when the game is launched.

Don’t forget that ArcheAge is an MMO game and requires internet connection. You will not be able to play the game if you have no internet.