PvP - Locations, Honor Points, Rules

By: Abyzz

PvP in ArcheAge is based on the war between two main factions: Eastern Continent and Western Continent. 90% of the locations are available for PvP fights. You can attack another player almost everywhere, except starting locations and special zones.

The two main factions fight each other not only on land but also at sea. The best thing is, when you attack enemy ships you can also rob them!

When you kill representatives of other factions you receive special honor points. These points don’t only show your bravery but can later be used to purchase different items including amazing gear. The PvP system in ArcheAge let’s you attack enemies, but. it’s also possible to attack representatives of your faction. If you want to fight against representatives of your own faction you should understand that the game has a special karma system. If you attack your ally first, and kill him, 1 karma point will be added to your karma.

PvP Locations

Starting zones are restricted for Player vs. Player fights. You can’t fight while you are there. But you can in the other territories. Both continents have 5 PvP locations.

The Seaside is always open for free PvP, so if you are traveling by the sea, you can be attacked anytime or you can attack other ships as you wish.

Guild Wars

There is a special continent where different guilds can fight each other. The difference between main continents and this PvP continent is that guilds can capture and control territories here. A guild can build a fortress on its territory with huge walls to protect it from invaders.


Now you know that there are 3 types of PvP locations: safe locations, neutral locations and PvP locations. Here are the general PvP rules:

  • A player below level 10 is protected from PvP and PK, but only on his own continent. If he visits the sea, or other continents, he can be attacked. A player below level 10 can’t fight against other players.
  • Territories of enemy factions are not safe. You can be attacked and killed in any location there, even in low level zones.
  • In safe locations on your continent an enemy can’t attack you until you attack him. Thus, safe locations protect you from being killed if you don’t want to fight. But you can still be robbed.
  • If you have any property in neutral or PvP locations, enemies can’t destroy the property but can attack you while you gather crops.
  • If you are not a criminal you see the nicknames of your allies in green.
  • Nicknames of enemies are always red.
  • Nicknames of all Pirates are also red.
  • Taking all this into account you may calculate that about 60% - 70% of the people you will meet will have red nicknames and will be enemies.
  • All guards in PvP locations are neutral, meaning, they will attack you if you start the fight. Even if you are on your own continent.
  • You don’t get honor points if you kill an enemy while he is fighting with mobs or right after he has finished fighting with mobs.
  • You can’t kill enemies during armistice.
  • You can’t loot killed players and you don’t lose any gear or experience if you die. If someone kills you, your gear loses about 10% of maximum durability but can be repaired for money.

Honor Points

Honor Points are the reward players receive for killing enemies in PvP. These points can be spent on purchasing special items and gear from special NPC’s found in any big city or in all villages in PvP locations. You can earn Honor Points for:

  • Fighting on battlegrounds
  • Killing representatives of other factions during the time of war.
  • Completing quests in PvP locations.
  • Killing special mobs.

You can spend your Honor Points to purchase:

  • A fast mount
  • + 10 000 experience potion
  • Blood Archeum (used for upgrading gear)
  • A green weapon and other gear for level 35
  • A blue weapon and other gear for level 50 (these items will only stay with you for 20 days if you don’t upgrade the items with Blood Archeum)
  • Luna Stones
  • Blueprint of a Tank
  • Blueprint of a Submarine
  • Blueprint of a Racing Car