Inventory - Size, Extra Space, Sorting

By: Abyzz

Inventory in ArcheAge is realized similar to other MMO games. It’s a special place where you can see all your items and money. When you start playing inventory has 50 available slots. This space can be increased later on. If your inventory is full you will not be able to take new items and you’d better visit your bank to store your items there or visit merchant to sell stuff.

You can browse your inventory by pushing “I” button.

inventory in ArcheAge

An item in the inventory can be activated by right mouse click. If the item belongs to gear it will be put on, if it’s a potion it will be drunk and if it’s a plant or an animal you will be asked to select a space where you want to place it. Right clicking an item means you want to use it.

Moving an item is also easy: you can either drag and drop item to a new slot or click it with your left mouse button and click again at a new slot. The system is pretty common.

How to increase inventory space?

A character starts the game with 50 slots and it’s possible to add extra 80 slots later. Maximum inventory size is 130 slots. You don’t need a special NPC or trainer for increasing available space. All you need is to open tour inventory and find special button with plus icon in the bottom. This button allows to buy extra space. Each improvement costs money.

50 up to 60 50 Silver
60 up to 70 1 Gold
70 up to 80 3 Gold
80 up to 90 10 Gold
90 up to 100 25 Gold
100 up to 110 50 Gold
110 up to 120 150 Gold
120 up to 130 300 Gold

As you see purchasing extra inventory space is easy and fast. All you need for this is to collect enough money. You will have to spend 539 gold and 50 silver coins in order to purchase all upgrades and maximize the space. As you see the cost is rather high.


Simple items can form a stack and occupy one slot instead of many. The stack size for different items is different and some items can’t form stacks at all. To split a stack press “Shift” button and then click left mouse button. You will see a special window where you need to enter size of new stack.


It’s possible to filter items by categories. The filters are situated in the top part of the inventory window. ArcheAge allows you to create your own filter categories. This feature is unique and you will not see similar function in other online games. Custom filters allow to browse items you need very fast.