ArcheAge Wiki

By: Abyzz

This Wiki page contains most important information about ArcheAge without any explanations and deep descriptions. This will help you to understand what to expect from the game if you know nothing about ArcheAge.

General Information

  • Developer: XLGames - Korean based game development team.
  • Publisher(s): Trion Worlds (NA, Europe, Australia, NZ)
  • Engine: CryEngine 3
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows
  • Release date(s) : Korea - 15 January 2013; Japan - 23 July 2013; Russia - Open beta; Europe – 2014; North America - 2014
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Model: Free to play
  • Budget: $25 000 000
  • Setting: Fantasy world
  • The game is a sandbox where you decide what to do.


  • Huge world without breaks and loading screens.
  • The map consists of 3 huge continents. 2 continents belong to the factions and 1 is for free PvP and sieges.
  • Continents are divided with the sea and you can travel from one continent to another using ship.
  • Teleports allow you to fast travel within the continent only.
  • Public transport also allows to travel within continent.
  • There are a lot of small islands in the sea between continents. You can find treasures and quests there.
  • Underwater is also available for exploration. You can even find strong bosses there.
  • The world is interactive
  • It’s possible to build a house or a castle
  • There is a special island for trading
  • There are hidden quests, islands and treasures


  • 4 playable races (2 more will be added later).
  • Deep character customization.
  • 120 classes with possibility to change specialization (respec) anytime for a gold fee.
  • Max level: 50
  • Max party size: 5 players.
  • Max raid size: 50 players.


  • 10 skill sets with different specialization.
  • Character can use 3 skill sets at a time.
  • You can mix skills from your 3 skill sets as you wish.
  • There are different skill combos that make your skills even more dangerous.
  • Combo usage may give very good advantage in fight.


  • Any class can wear robes, leather armor or heavy armor.
  • Gear can be crafted and upgraded.
  • There are top level things that can be obtained from bosses only.
  • There is special gear you can get for Honor Points.
  • Full armor sets give different bonuses.


  • The game uses traditional leveling system based on Experience points.
  • Max level can be reached by questing, crafting, gathering or killing mobs.


  • There are a lot of mounts for traveling and even fighting. Some mounts are easy to bet but others are not.
  • Player gets his first mount at about 5th level.
  • There are air mounts that allow you to fly.
  • Player can build a ship to travel between continents and fight with other ships.
  • There are submarines that help you to explore underwater.

Guilds and Territory

  • Guilds can capture and hold territories.
  • Guilds can build castles to protect territories.
  • There are no limits, a guild can control any territory size.


  • 80% of the locations are for free PvP.
  • There are sieges in the game but only on a special island.
  • It’s possible to attack and rob ships of other players (Sea battles).
  • There are Battlegrounds.
  • Players receive Honor Points for killing players from other faction.
  • You can't loot killed player.
  • If you were killed your gear loses durability and character loses honor points (in some situations).
  • You don't lose youe Experience points or Gold if you were killed.

Killing Players

  • It’s possible to attack and kill any player in many locations even if the player is from your faction.
  • Killing allies will help you to become Pirate. Pirates have their own island and are fighting against other factions.
  • It’s possible to steal cattle and crops grown by other players.


  • There are Outdoor and Epic bosses.
  • There are unique events dedicated to killing specific boss.

Social Features

  • It’s possible to marry.
  • A lot of emoticons.
  • A player can grow fruits, vegetables and so on.
  • A player has to pay tax for owning property.