Download ArcheAge

By: Abyzz

Right now it’s impossible to download European and American version of ArcheAge from public servers because the game is in Alpha stage now. Only alpha testers have access to the game. This means you need to become alpha tester in order to download the game.

How to become Alpha tester?

Trion Worlds offers only one way to enter Alpha tests: you need to purchase the most expensive Archeum Founder’s Pack for $149,99 from their website. This pack provides not only Alpha access but several other bonuses you will get after the game is live.

After you purchase Archeum Founder’s Pack you will see downloading link in your account at Use this link to download and install the full game.

Beta Download

There is one more way you can download ArcheAge – you need to wait for the beginning of public beta. They say that there will be public beta testing and everyone will be able to download the game for free. Right now there is no information about when open Beta will begin.

“What for do I need to purchase Archeum Founder’s Pack if the game will be available for public downloading later on?” First of all Archeum Founder’s Pack gives you full Alpha access. You can play AA whenever you wish (if the server is not under maintenance and no beta event is running).

NOTE: Alpha testing and Beta testing of ArcheAge takes place separately. Alpha servers are available 24/7 while beta servers will be opened for specific events only.

The second reason is that this pack gives you amazing bonuses after the game is launched. For example exclusive title "Trailblazer" (+3 to all stats). You should take into account that Founder’s Packs will become unavailable after the game is launched so don’t miss a chance to get one until it’s too late.

Other Publisher

It’s also possible to download and start playing Russian or Korean versions of ArcheAge but to be honest this variant is the worst one. You will face with many difficulties because of translation. Moreover, they say that Russian AA publisher doesn’t allow creating new accounts for people from other parts of the world and you will have to use proxy servers or other tricks to create an account there. There are several guides in internet that will help you with this if you really want to play on Russian servers.