System Requirements

By: Abyzz

ArcheAge system requirements are not so high. You will be able to run the game on most of PCs. When developers started creating ArcheAge they used CryEngine 2 but they decided to move to CryEngine 3 later on. Now the game uses CryEngine 3 and as you probably know this engine requires rather good hardware if you want to admire beautiful picture in the game.


  • OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista , Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo.
  • Memory: 4GB System RAM
  • HDD: 40GB.
  • Graphic Card: GeForce 8000 512MB or Radeon HD 4000 512Mb.
  • Don’t forget that ArcheAge is an MMO game. You can’t play the game without internet connection. Latency can affect your gameplay a lot.

If your PC meets minimum requirements you will be able to run the game, but the quality of picture will depend on the hardware you have.


They say that during Beta in Korea there was a big difference in performance between SSD and HDD. SSD allowed to play the game without lags because the texture files had big size and were not optimized. But now there is almost no difference between HDD and SSD. The game was optimized by developers, texture files were compressed, and now you will hardly see difference playing ArcheAge on SSD and HDD. Of course if you have SSD that’s great and it may sometimes make the game faster but it is not the requirement. You may play the game on HDD.

More about Requirements

ArcheAge is optimized pretty well and you will be able to run it on many computers. The game has a lot of graphic settings you may change in order to adjust performance according to the strength of your PC.

Sometimes people ask questions about if the game will run on pc with Core i7 and almost latest graphic card. The answer is obvious: yes, you will be able to run the game. Moreover, you will see amazing picture on your screen. If your computer has latest hardware you don’t have reasons to worry about performance. But if your PC is old you will have to change graphic settings to get the best quality/performance ratio.

You should also keep in mind that ArcheAge is a sandbox with free PvP and one of the most interesting parts of the game are sieges and massive player vs player fights. If your PC is not strong enough it will hardly be able to let you participate in such events without lags.

As you see system requirements are pretty standard. Sieges and massive fights will require more resources and you should keep it in mind.