Whirlwind Slash

Battlerage (lvl. 10) Whirlwind Slash
Mana Cost: 211
Cast Time: Instant
Range: 5 meters
Cooldown: 15 sec.

Deals 475 + 285% Melee Attack damage to all enemies around the caster.

Snared enemies are knocked down
Increases duration of Knock Down on Enervated targets.
Deals +12% damage to Shaken targets.

Whirlwind Slash is a small range AoE attack. When you activate the ability your character hits all enemies in 5 meter range dealing damage. If the enemy is snared he will be knocked down. Increases duration of Tripped on Enervated targets. Also deals increased damage to targets affected by “Shake” debuff.


List of abilities that can be used in one combo attack before Whirlwind Slash

Ability Effect Skill Line
Earthen Grip Snare Target Witchcraft
Charge Snare Target Battlerage
Sunder Earth Snare Target Battlerage
Triple Slash Shake Target Battlerage