Triple Slash

Battlerage (lvl. 1) Triple Slash
Mana Cost: 16
Cast Time: Instant
Range: 4 meters
Cooldown: 0 sec.

Applies Buff / Debuff: Shake Target
Three consequent attacks that deal 78 + 130% Physical damage to an enemy with each hit.
First Attack: Shakes enemy for 2.5 sec.
Second Attack: Deals additional damage if enemy is Tripped.
Third Attack: Increases damage +50% and hits multiple enemies in front of you.

There is 9% chance that the cooldown on Charge and Behind Enemy Lines will be reset.

First Attack: knocks down Snared targets
Second attack: deals additional +48% damage on knocked targets.

Triple Slash is a skill from Battlerage skill line. This ability changes every time you use it. First two attacks are single-target and the last one is small AoE attack. You need to activate the ability three times in a raw in order to benifit from all 3 types of attacks. When you activare the spell there is a chance to reset cooldowns on Charge and Behind Enemy Lines. That’s a great bonus because Triple Slash can be used pretty often because of low spell cost and because the ability has no cooldown.

The more you level up Triple Slash the more damage you deal. For example 1st Rank of the spell deals 17 + 130% Melee Attack damage, while 8th rank ability deals 78 + 130 % Melee Attack damage. Shake duration and chance of resetting cooldowns stays the same regardless the rank.


List of abilities that can be used in one combo attack before Triple Slash

Ability Effect Skill Line
Earthen Grip Snare Target Witchcraft
Charge Snare Target Battlerage
Sunder Earth Snare Target Battlerage