Tiger Strike

Battlerage (lvl. 50) Tiger Strike
Mana Cost: 202
Cast Time: Instant
Range: 20 meters
Cooldown: 18 sec.

Player jumps from one enemy to another dealing 501 + 285% Melee damage to each enemy. Maximum 5 enemies can be attacked. One target can be attacked only once. Can't be countered with Evasion, Block, or Parry.

Deals +13% extra damage to Shaken targets.

Tiger Strike is an amazing spell for fighting against a group of players. If there are 5 players standing not far from each other you can hit everyone.

Tiger Strike can’t attack the same enemy twice. So if you have only one player against you, you’d better chose other ability. Using Tiger Strike against one target is a waste of mana because there are many other powerfull attacks that deal more damage to single target.