Terrifying Roar

Battlerage (lvl. 25) Terrifying Roar
Mana Cost: 89
Cast Time: Instant
Range: 5 meters
Cooldown: 18 sec.

All enemies in 5m range become weaker for 7 sec. Increases the duration of Stun, Trip, Fear, Snare, Shackle, Silence, Sleep, Impale, and Slow by 10%.

Terrifying Roar is a buff that makes your controlling effects last longer. Enemies in 5 meter range become weaker for 7 seconds. The caster can also resist debuffs better and the duration of debuffs on caster decreases. Though Terrifying Roar doesn’t deal direct damage to enemies it will help you a lot by making you stronger and by increasing duration of your controlling effects.

Don’t forget that heavy armor set also reduces stun and immobilizing duration. Thus a player may receive a very good protection in total.

Terrifying Roar doesn't have any combos.