Shield Slam

Defense (lvl. 1) Shield Slam
Mana Cost: 16
Cast Time: Instant
Range: 4 meters
Cooldown: 18 sec.

Applies Buff / Debuff: Stun Target
Player hits target with a shield dealing 23 Physical Damage and Stunning for 1.5 sec. Can be used with a shield only.

Energy Shield targets receive 61% extra damage
Snared targets receive 31% extra damage
Enervated targets are stunned 30% longer

Shield Slam is a controlling ability from Defense skill set. This ability allows you to hit enemy with a shield dealing damage and stunning him. Range of the ability is not big and it is single target spell, but the cost of ability is also low.

Shield Slam has several great combos. If a target is under the effect of Energy Shield buff it will receive extra damage. Snared targets also take more damage. Enervated enemies are stunned for a longer time.

This ability is great for PvP fights to disable enemies.

Combo Abilities

List of abilities that can be used before Shield Slam in order to benifit from Shield Slam combo effects.

Ability Effect Skill Line
Earthen Grip Snare Target Witchcraft
Charge Snare Target Battlerage
Sunder Earth Snare Target Battlerage
Enervate Enervate Target Witchcraft