Battlerage (lvl. 20) Lasso
Mana Cost: 31
Cast Time: 1 sec.
Range: 20 meters
Cooldown: 24 sec.

Applies Buff / Debuff: Taunts Target
Pulls enemy right to a caster. If the enemy is not other player - Taunts him forcing to attack caster for 4 seconds.

Lasso is an amazing controlling ability from Battlerage skill line. This spell allows you to pull the target in order to attack it. Lasso is a great way to kill an enemy fast by pulling it into a group of your allies.

If you use Lasso against monster, the spell will force him to attack you for 4 seconds regardless other agro. Unfortunately this debuff doesn’t work in PvP, meaning you can just pull other player. But anyway this ability is great.

Lasso doesn’t have any special combos.