Insidious Whisper

Witchcraft (lvl. 15) Insidious Whisper
Mana Cost: 53
Cast Time: 1.5 sec.
Range: 20 meters
Cooldown: 45 sec.

Applies Buff / Debuff: Fear Target
Target is feared for 2.3 seconds and runs from the caster.
Fear ends if target takes damage.

Burning targets are feared for extra 1.5 seconds.

Insidious Whisper fears enemy making him run from caster. In PvP: a player who owns enemy character can’t control it and can’t use his abilities. Thus it’s a great controlling skill for disabling target.


List of abilities that can be used before Insidious Whisper in order to benifit from Insidious Whisper combo effects.

Ability Effect Skill Line