Battlerage (lvl. 40) Frenzy
Mana Cost: 234
Cast Time: Instant
Range: Self
Cooldown: 120 sec.

Special attack mode for 30 seconds. While the ability is active it cumulatively increases Melee Attack and Magic Attack by 30 every time caster takes damage. Absorbs 21% of all Magic Damage.
When you attack your armor decreased per 10% with every hit. After Frenzy finishes it stuns caster for 4 seconds.

You will not be stunned if you are under the effect of Urgency

Frenzy is an active ability that can be used once every 2 minutes. The ability transforms caster into destroyer. Caster gets +30 Melee Attack and Magic Attack every time he takes damage. Frenzy allows to increase attack power dramatically. If you are fighting in a big fight you can increase attack power very fast and thus become very strong fighter. If your character has increased chance of critical strike this will make your attacks even more deadly.

But Frenzy also has a negative debuff that decreases your armor per 10% with every hit when you attack enemy.

When the effect ends you will be stunned for 4 seconds. And that’s really dangerous effect. These 4 seconds may give your opponent enough time for healing or for killing you. Fortunately it’s possible to avoid this effect if you have the effect of Urgency buff on your character.