Witchcraft (lvl. 5) Enervate
Mana Cost: 31
Cast Time: Instant
Range: 20 meters
Cooldown: 18 sec.

Applies Buff / Debuff: Enervate Target
Deals 74 Magic Damage and burns 121 mana over 5 sec. While mana burn is active target receives 50% less healing and can be Stunned or Trapped for 30% longer time.

If enemy is Feared he takes extra 50% damage from this ability.
Stunned targets take 118 – 124 damage over time.

Enervate is an attacking ability that deals damage and burns target’s mana. The spell has great combo effects that allow deal much more damage to feared and stunned targets.

Mana burn effect is great against any character because it allow to decrease the amount of remaning mana of your enemy. If Enervate is used in proper time it may prevent target from escaping or from healing.


List of abilities that can be used in one combo attack before Enervate

Ability Effect Skill Line
Banshee Wail Fear Target Witchcraft
Insidious Whisper Fear Target Witchcraft
Shield Slam Stun Target Defense
Focal Concussion Stun Target Witchcraft