Bull Rush

Defense (lvl. 10) Bull Rush
Mana Cost: 52
Cast Time: Instant
Range: 4 meters
Cooldown: 30 sec.

Shield skrike that deals 109 Physical Damage and Suppress target for 3 sec. Bull Rush also interrupts spellcasting and doubles Aggro for 5 seconds afterwards.

Stunned targets are Knocked Down and receive 42% extra damage
Deals 68% extra damage to Energy Shield Targets.

Bull Rush is an attacking spell from Defense skill set. Character hits enemy with his shield dealing damage and suppressing enemy. This attack also interrupts spell casting and increase Aggro allowing you to control monsters in battle much better. Bull Rush has great combo effects that act against stunned targets and targets affected by energy shield.

Combo Abilities

List of abilities that can be used before Bull Rush in order to benifit from Bull Rush combo effects.

Ability Effect Skill Line
Shield Slam Stun Target Defense
Focal Concussion Stun Target Witchcraft