Questing - Quest Types and Icons

By: Abyzz

Hello ArcheAge community! This guide will tell you the most important information about quest system in ArcheAge. Questing is a very important part of gameplay and leveling. Quests help you to level faster and reward you with gold and valuable items. It's a pleasant way to reach 50th level without grinding a lot.

Quest Icons

When you travel in the ArcheAge you will meet different NPCs and many of them will offer you different quests. If an NPC is ready to give you a quest you can see a yellow Exclamation mark above his head. This sign is pretty standard and is used in most MMO games.

After you speak with such NPC and take a quest, it will be added to your Journal and first 9 quests in your journal are displayed on minimap. The number on minimap shows a place you need to visit during the certain quest. If a number is surrounded with an area you will need to kill monsters there, search for items or do something in that area.

NOTE: If the level of location is much higher than yours you may not be able to take some quests. Try to come back later when your level is higher.

There are different quest types: daily quests that can be taken every day, solo quest for 1 player and quests for a group of players. Daily quests are available from 30th level. But I don’t recommend you to pay a lot of attention to these quests at low levels. It’s better to advance in level first.

You will see a Question mark above NPS’s head if you can finish the quest. This symbol is also pretty standard for any MMO game. Talk to this NPC, finish quest and take the reward. Now you know two most important symbols – NPC with exclamation mark gives quest, NPC with question mark finishes quest. But ArcheAge has several other symbols you didn’t see in other online games:

Question Mark surrounded with small Plusses appears above NPC’s head if you have exceeded the quest. That means you did more than it was required. For example the task was to kill 10 mobs and you killed 20 instead, or if you gathered more items than it was required. If you exceed quest you receive more experience and more gold.

You can exceed quests starting from level 10. If you are playing solo and don’t have problems with finding quest mobs I recommend to exceed quests. More experience and money is always great.

Dark Question Mark appears above NPC’s head if the quest is not completed fully. You can complete such quest if you haven’t killed required number of monsters or haven’t collected required number of items. If the quest is not completed you will not receive full reward. I recommend to use this option only if your location is filled with other players and it’s impossible to find enough quest mobs.

Green Exclamation mark appears above NPC’s head if he wants to give you quest from main quest line. Never ignore such quests because they will reward you with Nui’s Tear. Nui’s Tears are very important because they allow to craft useful items, for example ships.

Blue Exclamation mark appears over the items you can interact with. This symbol appears over crafting stations or quest items you need to activate.

Blue question mark appears above NPC’s head when you need to talk to this NPC to find information for this quest.

This symbol appears above heads of crafting trainers. These trainers will not teach new recipies but will help you to get familiar with your profession. For ex ample there are two very important crafting quests that allow you to bet big and small scarecrows.

Axe symbol above a statue with a skull shows that you can take special quest to kill specific monsters. When you kill required number of mobs the quest will be completed automatically and you will get extra experience.

There are hidden quests in ArcheAge. They can’t be taken from NPC; you get such quests automatically after visiting certain territories. The task is to kill mobs on this territory. Such tasks can be ignored if you don’t need extra experience.


It’s great to play alone, but playing in a group is much more interesting. Playing in a group is not for fun only. When members of your group have the same quest you can complete the quest much faster. If a member of your group picks up quest item you receive this item too. If a member of your group kills a monster required for quest you also benefit from it. Try to play in a group when you can.