Founder's Pack Explained

By: Abyzz

If you visited official website of ArcheAge you probably see three Founders' Packs available for purchasing. Some of you may know nothing about the packs and that’s why this article was written. This guide will tell you about different packs and you will see the difference.

Reasons to get Pack

ArcheAge will be Free to play after launch but right now every fan of the game can support developers by purchasing one of 3 Founders’ Packs. Of course it’s not a simple donation. Everybody who purchases a pack gets amazing bonuses listed in a table below.

Archeum Pack Gold Pack Silver Pack
Alpha Access YES - -
Beta Access YES YES YES
4 Day Pre-Launch Head Start YES YES YES
Exclusive Title "Trailblazer" (+3 to all stats) "Traveler" (+2 to all stats) "Founder" (+1 to all stats)
Glider Exclusive Glass Phoenix Glider Glass Phoenix Glider Exclusive Glass Phoenix Glider Glass Phoenix Glider Experimental Glider Glass Phoenix Glider
Costume Exclusive Desert Assassin Plate Costume Desert Assassin Plate Costume Exclusive Desert Assassin Plate Costume
Desert Assassin Plate Costume
Cloak Exclusive Founder’s Cloak (+3 to all stats and customizable)
Founder’s Cloak
- -
Reagents Reagents to put your own crest in-game - -
Daru Chests 6 Daru Chests with a chance to get a mount! - -
Pet Healing Potions 10 Pet Healing Potions - -
Evenstones 10 Evenstones 10 Evenstones -
Hereafter Stones 10 Hereafter Stones 10 Hereafter Stones -
In-game Credits 11,250
($75 value)
($50 value)
($20 value)
Patron Status 90 Days
($45 value)
60 Days
($30 value)
30 Days
($15 value)
Cost $149.99 $99.99 $49.99

As you see the most expensive Archeum Pack gets the most valuable bonuses including Alpha Acess and the best title "Trailblazer" +3 to all stats. These bonuses are the best because Alpha Access is impossible to get without purchasing Archeum Pack. If you want to participate in Alpha testing you will have to get this pack.

Exclusive title "Trailblazer" is also great investment if you are planning to play the game for a long time. This title will help you to become stronger and thus level faster. The title will also help you during the end-game. You will have an advantage over your opponents. Archeum Pack will also give you a lot of valuable resources.

All 3 packs give guaranteed access to Beta testing. Find out more about Beta Testing.

You will also get 4 days early access with any pack, meaning you can start playing ArcheAge 4 days before the official release. These 4 days can help you to level your character and become powerful force faster than those players without a pack.

Note: you can purchase Founders’ Pack from official website only before the game is released. These packs will become unavailable after public release and you will not be able to get amazing bonuses. You can still buy any pack during Head Start but it’s the last time you can do it.

When do you get items?
All owners of Founder’s Pack will get their items in the beginning of 4 days early access. Thus you will have advantage right from the start.

Upgrading to higher level pack
It’s possible to upgrade Silver and Gold packs up to Archeum from users’ area at Trion Worlds website. Such upgrade will give you opportunity to benefit from higher level pack. For example if you upgrade from Silver to Archeum you will get access to alpha immediately.